Integrating pictures in code component

URL of experiment: Buchstaben_Erkennen_vs [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: error message with regard to resource when trying to run picture-code component online

Version: 2020.2.9

I’ve got one remaining issue on this expeirment and that is including pictures in a feedback message of a code component. I’ve managed before to include text feedback messages … since we are offering experiments to young children, however, pictures would be better. For some reason, I’m receiving an error message when conducting the experiment online. Specifying the file path outside of the feedback message is not an issue. This seems to be a problem specific to the feedback component and I would really like to find a solution. I’m posting below the code component, the error message and the part in the psychopy-code where the feedback message is specified.

Do you have an idea on how to solve this or can point me into the direction of other helpful posts?

feedback_message.csv (1.8 KB)

I reopnened the post so that other people can profit… @jon actually already solved it for me in a different post! Thank You Jon!

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