Feedback doesn't work on Pavlovia


I’ve designed a simple experiment for children using the builder part of PsychoPy3. It includes a feedback as well and it runs perfectly offline, but online I get an error message.

The feedback itself is supposed to be very simple. After giving a correct response, children are supposed to see a new image appearing. If they give a wrong answer, they should see the image that appeared after their last correct answer. The code was written this way:

In the picturefile part all the pictures are listed.

I get this error message, where image_2 is a component which is defined as $picture from the code part above.

Does anyone have any tips about how to solve this issue? I am not very familiar with coding, so any idea is well appreciated :slight_smile:

Since your image files are only specified in code you need to add them in the online tab of Experiment Settings

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: