Online experiment doesn't "see" picture stimuli in repository

URL of experiment: validtask6 [PsychoPy]

I know that this is only pilot, because I didn’t want to use credits for an experiment that is not working.

Description of the problem:
I’m new to PsychoPy/PsychoJS, so I’m sorry if this is a trivial problem. I’ve done an experiment in builder and wanted to push it out online. The experiment showcases pictures to the participants, and they are asked to modify the size using the mouse scroll. It runs perfectly locally, however, when starting it online I keep getting this error message:

The resources are downloaded, the first page with the instructions loads, and then this error shows up when I click start experiment. I checked and all the pictures are in the gitlab project and the .js and legacy-browser.js file also have the all pictures and the paths in the code. Could you maybe help me what I’m doing wrong and why the experiment doesn’t recognize the files?

I’m unsure if I can share the gitlab folder of my experiment with others, but if yes, I can also do that if that helps.

Thank you!

Based on the error my very rough guess is that you put ‘9d’ rather than ‘9d.png’ in the condition file. You need the complete file name in order for it to successfully locate the file. If that doesn’t work please share your repository.

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Hey Jonathan! Thank you a lot, that was it. I imported the wrong excel sheet without realizing!