Using images as feedback, getting "ReferenceError: Can't find variable"


I’ve created an experiment in the builder in which participants get one image if they answer correctly, and a different image if they answer incorrect. It runs perfectly fine in the builder, but when I upload it to pavlovia I get an error message (below).

This is how I have it set up in the builder:

Any advice is much appreciated!

Your code components are set to Py. Change them to Auto so you get JS code for online use.

Thanks for your reply. When I tried that I got a new error message, any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Have you added the resources in Experiment Settings / Online?

Yes this is what I have. Is this not correct?


That’s not going to work because your image files are in a higher folder than your experiment file. …/ means parent.

They are all in the same folder together. Should they not be?

Same folder is ideal. Try reattaching them in PsychoPy. You should either just see the file name or ./filename.

It looks like when they were attached it was assumed that your index file would be in an html sub folder. There was a problem with paths for attached resources in versions 2020.2.0-2020.2.4. What version are you using?