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Inserting a website link into builder experiment


Is there any way I can insert a clickable link on the last routine of my builder file online? I need to redirect participants to a page so they can finalize the experiment.
For example, the website link ( can just show up on the last slide, and they can click it and be redirected to google. I tried this by adding a ‘text’ component and a ‘mouse’ component, but it does not work.

Thank you.

You assign the URL that you want to go to when the experiment ends in Experiment Settings.

URLs look like this:

$“” + expInfo[‘participant’]


I tried this, but I still do not get redirected to any website. Does my study need to be set to ‘running’ instead of ‘piloting’ for this to work?

I’ve just tested this (piloting) and haven’t managed to get the Incomplete URL to work but the Completed URL worked after I clicked OK on the “Thank you for your patience” download data message.

Could I see what your URL looks like?

I’ve discovered it formats like a text component. I’ve put an example in my crib sheet but I can post one here later if needed

Yes, if you don’t mind! Thank you!


You are welcome to try that exact link – it should tell you your filename.

Thank you,
I tried the link out and it works only when I set the pavlovia data collection to “csv” rather than “database” but this is causing another problem in which when I download results/data I only see the data files from my own experiment trials, not actual participant data files. Is this only a problem when the study is “piloting”?

I’m a little confused. If you are piloting then how do you have real participants?

I’m not sure if the database function works during piloting. When you said the URL didn’t work, did it give an error (either on screen or in a console)?

I just tested it out by giving the piloting link to one other person and they completed the experiment but I still couldn’t see their data.

And yes, it did give an error at the end saying that the data couldn’t be saved - so I assumed it was because of piloting.

Pilot data is saved on the computer running the experiment.

So once the study is available online, this problem should not pop up anymore, I’m guessing.