Link at the end of experiment?


I want to insert a link at the end of the experiment to collect answers from participants.

This is the routine:

Locally, in Python, it works:

But online, I see this:

Any suggestions on a potential workaround?
It doesn’t have to be a button per se, just a way to redirect participants to that link and close the experiment (in the red section).

PS: This used to work in a previous version of the experiment, I didn’t change anything in the button code, all I did was upgrade to v2023.1.3 and downgrade again to v2021.1.3 (the original version in which the experiment was initially built).

I downgraded again because the online experiment did not initialise.



you could use the Completed URL or Incomplete URL of PsychoPy

Best wishes Jens

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Thank you, I had used that.

I don’t think it works with Google Forms directly? It might be because you need to click on the Google Forms link rather than it self-directing. I tried that last year and needed another solution to link to an external website (Wakefield’s VESPR). I link to a Google Form through this intermediary website.

The URLS are in the settings part of PsychoPy and I have a button to click to end, which directs to the website. From there they click on the link for Google Forms. Having said that, it might work now if you use the online tab.