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CompletedURL / IncompleteURL


Just a quick question.

What’s the deal with the completedURL and incompleteURL. I noticed that after I finish an experiment online, my browser is directed to a website called completedURL if I finished and the other one if the experiment wasn’t completed. Are we able to customize what page participants are directed to yet? Or is this the foundation of a feature that isn’t completed yet?


Hi @unagi_pie, yes the idea is that when participants from a recruirment service, such as Prolific, take part in online your experiment, they can be redirected upon completion of your task using your “CompletedURL” address where they can be rewarded. Participants who fail to complete can be redirected to the IncompleteURL address.


Thanks @dvbridges. So, is there a way for me to set a CompletedURL? Ideally, I’d like the redirect participants who have completed the experiment to a page where they can fill out a questionnaire. Is this possible?


Yes you should find the parameters in the online tab of your experiment settings.