Redirection to URL on object or word click

Description of the problem: I’m in the early stages of creating an experiment, and want to have a “right to withdraw” link which is clickable after each block of trials.

When the linked object is clicked, I want to end the experiment and redirect the participant to a Qualtrics URL which will be different to a URL that the participant would be directed to on the natural completion of the experiment. The click will direct participants to a debrief, and the natural completion will direct participants to a battery of questionnaires before the debrief.

How would you go about linking the URL to a clickable object/word, and is it possible to have this function present if redirecting to a separate URL at the end of the experiment?

Have you tried the incomplete and completed URLs in the online tab if experiment options?

Hi, thanks for the reply!

I think these functions will work in exactly the way I’m wanting, thank you! Is there a way to launch the incomplete URL on a valid mouse click i.e. clicking on a button marked “withdraw”? I would only want the incomplete URL function if they clicked the right button, or came out of the experiment in another way.

Thanks again

I’m currently invoking
psychoJS.quit({message: 'Please click to go to the participant information sheet'});
in Each Frame but the message only sometimes seems to appear.

Ah interesting. I’ll tinker with a similar function and see what I come up with. I’ll report back!

Hi, just wondering what you ended up doing for this? Looking for a way of doing something similar (sending participants to a standardised debrief page if they choose to end the study early)

Did you figure it out?