Inhibiting conditional stimulus when no binary choice is made?

Hi all,

I am currently running a neuroimaging study that contains a classic reward extinction/reversal task, and I am having some issues related to binary choices and conditional stimulus.

Summary of task:
Participants will view abstract fractal images that are paired with monetary rewards. One image (Image-A) will be paired with $5 on 80% of trials, while the other image (Image-B) will be paired with $5 on only 20% of trials. After 16 trials, the session will unexpectedly switch to a reversal phase, during which the contingencies switch. This continues for 16 trials, to which, lastly, an extinction phase begins, where neither image will predict any reward (i.e., both images are paired with $0).

Through enough custom code and patchwork, I have constructed an operational routine flow (albeit poorly) that provides feedback to a participant based on their selected choice using a mouse click and a white border highlighting the image they have chosen. Moreover, I have also been able to create a conditional stimulus that displays the amount of money they have won based on the correct answer (i.e., either "You have won $5! or “You have won $0!”).

The issue arises not when choices are made but when NO choice is made; specifically, when no mouse click on either the left or right image is made, the conditional stimulus still appears with either “You have won either $5 or $0”. Essentially what I would like for the routine is to have the two images appear (one left and one right) but with no reward message (in the middle) if no choice is made.

Summary of problem:
How can I construct the condition in which no message appears if NO choice is clicked?

Here is the code that allows for the correct message to be displayed based on the correct answer

Here is my condition file (which provides image names, correct answers, and reward messages)

Happy to answer any questions on parameters, code, or provide further screenshots, and of course, my apologies for any naivety regarding my request or code.

Thank you for your time and attention.