Conditional feedback help

Hello all,
The experiment is a categorization experiment. The stimuli consist of various colored shapes that also vary in size (big and small). The point is to see how participants transfer category learning to new stimuli (i.e. different size; small) without feedback. So, I need 3 trials to always be with feedback. Then I need the small stimuli to not have feedback to see if transfer occurs without feedback. There are 20 trials in each task. 5 of which are small stimuli/no feedback trials. In other words, how do I set it up so the program knows that on the small stimuli to not give feedback but still add/subtract to the overall score when feedback is present again. I hope this makes sense. Here is code that I have that always gives feedback.

Thank you.

-Andres Sanchez


another user posted a similar question: How to randomize feedback or create conditional feedback

If you look at my response I think the same logic can be applied in your case.

You can determine if the trial is a small or a big one based on a colum name.

As for showing the feedback only in the first 3 trials you can have a counter that starts at 0 and goes up by one when a small trial is presented and is resetted to 0 at the end of the block.

You can than not show the feedback for small trials after the first three in different ways, i think the easiest is to end the routine with “continueRoutine = False”.