Conditional feedback showing


I am designing an experiment that features conditional feedback showing. This entails having some specific trials not showing feedback but still adding or subtracting points to the overall score when feedback is shown. I need these no feedback trials to appear after the first 3 yes feedback trials. I have code that adds up or subtracts points to the overall score but I am unsure how to code it so it does not show feedback for the trials I need it not to show feedback. Any help is welcome as I am very new to coding and mainly use the builder to make experiments. Thanks.

Hi There,

Please can you share more info on the code you are using and where.


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Here is the current code that I have that is currently showing feedback and points to all trials. Thank you.

Why is your code set to Both? It looks like it should Auto translate correctly.

Use an extra variable which increments on a yes count and then add

if yesCount > 3:
     continueRoutine = False 


Thanks for your contribution. However, I wonder if I could somehow have the code identify the stimuli I need it not to show feedback for after the 3 yes feedback trials. Thank you.

By yes do you mean correct?

if so, then you could use:

if yesCount > 3 and resp1.corr:
     continueRoutine = False 


Please excuse me if Iā€™m not being completely clear. So, let me back up and explain the experiment. The experiment is a categorization experiment. The stimuli consist of various colored shapes that also vary in size (big and small). The point is to see how participants transfer category learning to new stimuli (i.e. different size; small) without feedback. So, I need 3 trials to always be with feedback. Then I need the small stimuli to not have feedback to see if transfer occurs without feedback. There are 20 trials in each task. 5 of which are small stimuli/no feedback trials. In other words, how do I set it up so the program knows that on the small stimuli to not give feedback but still add/subtract to the overall score when feedback is present again. I hope this makes clearer sense with what I need. Thank you for all the help.