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Conditionals with images


I want to create an experiment where the user will see an image (image 1) and there will be two options for response, left and right keys. The next image displayed will depend on the answer. For example, if the response was right key, the image 2 will be displayed, but it the response was left, the image 5 will be displayed. If the image 2 is displayed, right will change to image 3 and left will take to image 6. There will be in total 6 images and the combinations for each image would be:
image 1: right = image 2, left = image 5
image 2: right = image 3, left = image 6
image 3: right = image 4, left = image 1
image 4: right = image 5, left = image 2
image 5: right = image 6, left = image 3
image 6: right = image 1, left = image 4

Also I want to measure the the time it takes to the participant to choose the response.

I am new with this software and so far I have not find any option to design the experiment like this.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi there. You clearly know what you want to achieve but for me at least, it is currently hard to understand from your description. Could you try revising your question? Think two things:

  • could someone understand my procedure knowing nothing other than what I wrote down, and
  • would this be an a sufficiently detailed and comprehensible description of my procedure in the method section of a paper or thesis chapter?

Don’t worry about the software itself: just describe what the sequence of stimuli and responses should be, and what constitutes a trial. Is this just one trial? Is this multiple trials? etc.