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Images pulled as variable from conditions file not displaying

I’m making a visual memory experiment and study and test images pulled as variables from my conditions excel file are not displaying during the experiment. All it shows is a gray screen instead of the study and test pictures, which are .bmp files. I have a fixation image before the study picture which is the same file type and resolution but is pulled directly from the experiment folder and it displays normally. I get no error messages, the pictures just don’t appear. I originally made the experiment in an old version of psychopy and it worked fine. I’m now trying to run it in v2021.2.3 and it won’t display. I remade the whole thing in v2021.2.3 and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Hi There, if you use experimetn settings (cog icon) > use version > select the version the task was originally made in - does that work?


I just tried it using v2020.2.21 and it works! Thank you, Becca!

Any ideas why it is not working in the new version? It’s been a couple years since I used PsychoPy. Did something get changed that would affect how images pulled as variables get displayed? It would be nice to know for future experiments.