Images not loading from conditions file

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I have 16 trials where participants see two options. The images are randomized and stored in my conditions file. The positions for the two images are also stored in this file. The other three images (an arrow and the number 1 and 2) are set in the builder. These images show up on the screen, but not the images that are stored in the excel file. I don’t get an error and when I go through the experiment (by pressing 1 or 2), it will go all the way to the end of the experiment and the data looks as it should (attached). Any recommendations would be appreciated!

PARTICIPANT_test_2020-08-23_13h25.15.200.csv (2.9 KB)

Please could you share the builder view/ excel spreadsheet - or just the pavlova code page?

TwoAFC.xlsx (9.1 KB)

No problem! Here is the conditions file and an image of builder view.

Cool! First question - what units are you using? And is the experiment working on psychopy and not Pavlovia?

The experiment works perfectly on psychopy, but not pavlovia. Units are in “height”.

I think there was a recent issue where python code used in components (that is, after a $ sign) were not being exported to JavaScript

It’s been closed now - so maybe try updating psychopy and export the code to HTML again? If that doesn’t work, I’m happy to take a closer look if you share the project with me on pavlovia!

Thanks for all the help! I really appreciate it. I downloaded the newer version of psychopy. Unfortunately, I am getting a new error (perhaps an issue with the updated version of psychopy).

I posted the error here:

Hopefully there will be a resolution soon!

I had that error at 1am this morning - it turns out that a variable I was declaring in my code component had been set earlier in the script and I was essentially emptying it

OK - so it’s not a bug - so you can probably close the GitHub issue.

I’m assuming that at the moment you have some code next to a $ in one of your components (text, image, etc) which is meant to assign a value to a variable. This is what is breaking the experiment. Instead, if you create a new code component and set the value of the variable in that, and then refer to that variable in the component whose attribute you need to set, that should fix it.

//Begin Experiment
var mySize = [starting_x, starting_y]; // the initial position

//Every Frame
mySize = myTransformation(mySize); // do what you need to do with the parameter

// Image Stimulus
size: $mySize

Hopefully that will fix it!

So, I just opened psychopy and the error popped up again (I hadn’t touched or ran anything yet). It may be possible that the error has nothing to do with what I had previously done. When I tried to do the above fix, the error popped up another few times.

wx._core.wxAssertionError: C++ assertion “(argtype & (wxFormatStringSpecifier::value)) == argtype” failed at C:\PROJECTS\bb2\dist-win64-py36\build\ext\wxWidgets\include\wx/strvararg.h(449) in wxArgNormalizer::wxArgNormalizer(): format specifier doesn’t match argument type
The above exception was the direct cause of the following exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ctypes/callbacks.c", line 234, in ‘calling callback function’
File "C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\pyglet\window\win32_init
.py”, line 635, in f
event_handler = event_handlers.get(msg, None)
SystemError: <built-in method get of dict object at 0x000001DBC7ADD1F8> returned a result with an error set

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