After upgrading to 2021.1.2, loop skips images

Hi everyone,

I have developed a visual search experiment using 2020.1. Earlier this morning I downloaded the latest psychopy version (2021.1.2) and I am getting some weird loop behavior. The experimental sequence is like this: 1.fixation cross, 2. image (until participant finds the target), 3. feedback.

I am still getting the fixation cross in all trials, but in some, I see no image, meaning that after the fixation cross there is just a blank screen. If I press the mouse, the blank screen goes away and then the next trial starts. I used print(Image) to check which images are skipped. I found out that it doesn’t skip any image but in some trials, it does not display anything. So the print statement gave me this:


Any idea what’s going wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

Are there blank rows in the Excel file? It could be that blank rows were deleted before but read as None now

I thought about that and I made another excel file (copy and pasted only rows that contained my variables) and I had the same issue again. Then I saved my excel in .csv format (instead of .xlsx) and it worked fine. Is this a bug?

It may be a bug with how we read in Excel files specifically - csv files are just a string broken up by , and \n symbols, but xlsx files come with a load of extra info about formatting and etc. so it’s probably something in there which causes the bug. Or it could even be a bug with how Excel saves the files - maybe there’s some bad metadata being carried over. It could be in PsychoPy or one of the packages we import, either way I’ll try to find it! In the mean time I’m glad csv is working for you