Images issue jpg, tactile task, Pavlovia

URL of the experiment: bert [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: Hi, I created a mini demo which includes sounds, animation and vibrations. It all works fine. However, I made an image, and I want it as the background, while I also present different visual imagery (these are PNG) I saved it as a JPG file and set it to constant. But, the screen is just black, and the image does not appear. Please see the task on your mobile device phone.

Perhaps the issue is that I used PNG files and JPG. And should only stick to one format?

I just tried it and saw this which looks correct.

png in front of jpg should be fine.

The background image should go first in the routine.

Sorry no in the following routine, with the vibrations, the jpeg image appears simply as black and I included it as the first component in the routine.

Please could you show screenshots of your routine and details of the image components? What is different between the routine that works and the one that doesn’t?

Sure, I created the visual stimuli in Adobe Illustrator and saved the background as a jpeg. And it appears black. During this routine, I have also included an animation, and the animated images are png files.

The screenshot that you sent is of a routine that included a png file as the image component.

For some reason I can use JPEG files that were not created in Adobe illustrator and it works.

For some reason I can use JPEG files that were not created in Adobe illustrator which work as a background.

I sometimes have that issue with png files I’ve made in GIMP. I open them in IrfanView and resave them to make them more compatible.

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