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Error with showing images in Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hi all! I am set up a masking experiment and trying out the setup first - and I get an error that the image I am trying to display is ‘not an image’. The image is located in the same folder path as the experiment, and it’s in ‘.tif’ format. The experiment works perfectly well in PsychoPy on my computer, and I cannot see any sync issues with GitLab.
I am very new to both PsychoPy/Pavlovia, any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @ade_mh , looks like .tif are not well supported by many web browsers:

The solution would be to use a widely supported image format, for example jpeg or png

Hello @dvbridges thank you very much for the suggestion! This fixed the issue of presenting the image, however another issue seems to remain, of displaying a Builder-generated noise stimulus immediately after the image. Again, this works well on my computer; would there be any way around this?