Jpg, png is not displaying

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I have to display hindi word for my experiment.

Tried various options but not helpful.

now converted word into image file, but images are not coming on the screen.

other jpg images are coming.1 1


Hello Xai,
Many times when I was trying out different routes to deal with an issue, nothing seemed to work. Then I discovered that I have to go to my browser’s settings and empty cache memory so that my browser actually loads entire project from Pavlovia and not cache (project before I implemented changes). Try this first, and if it doesn’t help, try screenshooting the image component and uploading it here.

Hi Pavle!!

I will try this option also.

when i am trying with different fonts, every time change is visible.

On the same page there are three jpg images, two are visible, but converted from text to jpg is not visible.

this is software, i am using,text%20and%20creates%20multiple%20images.

Thank You

Hi again,
Another thing you could try is load a picture that’s not generated by this software i.e. maybe upload the same one of the other two pictures that you say work. Just to see if there’s a problem with the converting software, but I doubt it. As long as the final format is .png or .jpg as you say, it should work. Let me know what happens when you try emptying the cache as I suggested. If it still doesn’t work, you can try posting a link to your experiment or a screenshoot of the builder with a component window open so that we can see your settings for each image etc.


I deleted catch memory, and surprisingly it is working now.

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

Thank you

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