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I can't pilot or run my experiment on Pavlovia, as I try to switch from Inactive to Running, this happens:

URL of experiment: (private)

Description of the problem: Here is the error I’m getting:

The experiment runs locally without any problems, and I also have an up-to-date repository.
Let me know if you need any additional information.

I’ve managed to get this to fix itself a few times by refreshing the page and setting it back to inactive, then setting it back to piloting (or running). You could also resync your experiment and then try it again if that doesn’t work.

Refreshing the page does help with switching its status (although if I leave it to itself it’s stuck at switching and potentially gives me this error), but now I’m getting an 404 not found nginx error as I attempt to pilot it.

That’s definitely weird. @apitiot any idea what’s up with this?

Nuclear option is to copy your experiment into a fresh repository and see if it’s better-behaved.

I just forked it and the new repository worked. Thank you!

Hello @yarenkoca,

Could I ask you to first change the status of your experiment to PILOTING and then to RUNNING, and let me know if the error persists?