404 Error / ngix when running or piloting an experiment (intermittent issue)

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/arnault/bandit/index.html/

Description of the problem: The experiment most oftens works, although on some occasions like now I get a “404 Not Found, nginx” error. Does it suggest the pavlovia server is down? This error is a lot more likely in "running’ than in piloting mode.

I can send you more details etc. as required.


Many thanks

Your URL is wrong. It should be https://run.pavlovia.org/arnault/bandit/

This then gives an error because you have questions = […] in Before Experiment code. It should be in Begin Experiment.

Many thanks for your quick reply. I did as per your post, the problem still seems to exist.


I think you still have questions in Before Experiment. Look:

// Start code blocks for 'Before Experiment'
// Run 'Before Experiment' code from code
// introduced first in init_exp
let debug_mode
let distribs;
let invisible;
var buttons_positions
let even_sampling_frequencies;
let uneven_sampling_frequencies;

//introduced first in question
let questions;


var both_specific_declarationsClock;
var questionClock;
var questions;
var slider_1;
var slider_2;
var Q1;
var Q2;

Thanks for your reply. I removed any code executed before the experiment as suggested. The declarations after “later” in the post above were declarations of components generated by PsychoPy itself.

After reading other posts on this forum, I found out that the 404 issue here was presumably generated by a misuse of the cache. Opening the experiment in a new incognito window solved it there. Thanks for your help