Can't switch to Pilot or Running mode

URL of experiment: Experiment | nx/facedetection (

Description of the problem:
I just create an experiment, which is running perfectly when I tested on local computer (debug mode). However, after I uploaded the program to pavlovia, I can’t switch it to Pilot or Running mode from Inactive.

I also tried my other Running programs. I could switch them back to Inactive mode, but again, unable to turn it back to Running or Pilot mode.

The problem exists even when I tried multiple computers or networks.

Please help me solve this issue.

I have exactly the same issue. It is impossible to set experiments from Inactive to Piloting. I have tried accessing my dashboard across multiple platforms and even forked a project to see if the new fork would behave differently.
My team and I would be extremely grateful for suggestions for solving this, as it means we can’t test or run anything online at the moment.
Thanks in advance!