Auditory priming design

Hi all,

I am preparing the script for an auditory priming experiment, and I have a few questions regarding using audio files in PsychoPy.

  1. Right now, all testing computers in the lab use PsychoPy 1.84/1.90. From this topic, I understand that it would be better to use the latest beta of PsychoPy 3.0 for auditory experiments. I was wondering if it would still be possible to run older scripts after updating to PsychoPy 3.0. If that is the case, is there any other way to fix the problems mentioned in the linked topic without updating?

  2. I was also wondering about whether importing a high number of audio files may slow down stimulus presentation. As of now, the experiment will consist of 2688 audio files in total (with 7 different sounds for each prime-target pair, including the background noise sounds used for masking purposes), and I am worried that may cause timing problems during data collection. Any thoughts?

Thank you all in advance!

Would anybody be able to help?

PsychoPy can use Git to load earlier versions of the code to run a given experiment. Click the “experiment settings” button on the Builder toolbar and select the required version from the “Use PsychoPy version” popup menu.

The first time you do this, it may take some time, as the selected code version needs to be downloaded from the online repository.

Thanks for replying, Michael. I’ll check this out.

Do you have any feedback on the second question I had?

I would hope that the number of sounds wouldn’t be an issue, although I have a suspicion that there might be other posts here about such issues?

What can be an issue is when the sounds are loaded in the course of a trial. i.e. it takes time to read data from disk, so if you have 7 files to play per trial, ideally those sound objects would have the files assigned to them in a down time period (e.g. during a fixation or rest period before a trial).