How to install Psychopy 2020.1.2 (or any older versions for that matter)

As the title says, how do I install or run older version so the standalone version.
I am having difficulties running my experiments with 2.2 and 2.3. I don’t know how to solve that problem, which can be found here (**Unspecified JavaScript error**)

However, one of my colleagues is running 2020.1.2. and he can get his experiment to run. So I want to install 2020.1.2 but cannot recognize the files in the github repo or how to execute the program once I have extracted it to my computer.

As mentioned on the Installation documentation all versions are available here:

Thanks for replying Jon,

How do I install those the content in those zip files though? I don’t recognize the files in there so is this a pip install or some other method?

Ah, I assumed you wanted the Standalone installations (mac app bundles in the dmg files and windows setup.exe files)

If you want to install in your own Python environments then yes, you can do pip install.To install particular versions of software with pip the standard command is:

pip install psychopy==2020.1.2

I’m also quite wary though of different pythons being installed and often the pip doesn’t match the thing that is called by callnig ‘python’ so I often do

python -m pip install psychopy==2020.1.2

No no no, you are correct I do want the standalone.
However, when I go to the github repo and select the 2020.1.2 version, I download the .zip file. So far so good.
However, I am not sure in this folder where I can find a .dmg OR .exe file. I have gone into all the folders to see if I have missed something, but nope no .dmg or .exe files in the .zip

What am I missing here?

Ah, 2020.1.2 didn’t have a full set of built binaries because it was quickly supplanted with 2020.1.3!
You can download the dmg for 2020.1.3 here:

Thanks Jon,

I have done this now and has fix my issues.

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