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Don't know how to install older version of PsychoPy

Hi, I’m having difficultly understanding how to install an older version of Psychopy (I was having problems with the latest version and so I uninstalled it and am trying to go back to the older version I was using before). I downloaded the standalone 1.82.01 version from Githbub. From what I could understand, I had to extract the files using 7-Zip, which I have done. However, I don’t know what I have to do at this point in order to install the program, and I couldn’t find any information from the “Installation” page on the PsychoPy website or in these forums.

You could just download the latest version of PsychoPy apply the “Use Version” setting to specify that the experiment should be run using code current for the given version. In Builder, this is contained in the experiment settings dialog. When running in Coder, you ned to explicitly call the useVersion() function, as discussed here:

Thank you for the suggestion, but I was having trouble running the latest version of PsychoPy and it was suggested to me that I install an earlier version instead. Are you suggesting I try this because it is not possible to install the earlier versions of PsychoPy?

It’s certainly possible to install earlier versions but on Windows at least I think it is difficult to have more than one version installed at a time, so that limits your flexibility (i.e. you don’t want to be boxed into a corner by using an old one). I’d suggest using the latest version that works for you. PsychoPy 3 is still in an active development cycle so you might want to use the latest stable version, which I think is 1.90 or thereabouts (whatever is on the main psychoPy website download page).

OK, but I don’t actually have any version of PsychoPy installed on my computer at this time, so that wouldn’t be a problem (I uninstalled the previous versions that I had). Also, I’m reluctant to use a later version in case I run into the same problems that I was having with the latest version. And thank you for the information, but I still don’t think this answers the question that I initially asked. My question was concerned with how I go about installing an older version of PsychoPy once I’ve extracted the files with 7-Zip because I can’t find information on how to do this anywhere.

An answer to that question would likely require more information, such as what OS you are using and what exactly you see inside the decompressed archive.

But looking at the GitHub download links, rather than .zip, you probably really should download something specific to your platform, presumably .exe for Windows or .dmg for Mac.