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How to check version and properly uninstall pyschopy in OSx

Dear psychopy community,

I have recently deleted the Psychopy standalone file from the Applications folder. Believing that psychopy was uninstalled from my computer I moved back to spyder and I tried to lunch the psychopy experiment and it worked, probing that I was wrong and psychopy is still installed. So that seems to indicate that I had two different copies of Psychopy in my computer, one that corresponded to the deleted file and other which might be the libraries in my anaconda folders.

My questions are,
1 Do these (standalone file and psychopy scripts) psychopy copies are independent versions?

2 How can I check what is the psychopy version that I am actually using?

3 Do I need the standalone psychopy (the file) in order to use the builder?

4 What it is the proper way to complete uninstall all the previous versions of psychopy from my computer? (I could not find this information in the forum/documentation)

I understand that my questions are probably too simple or obvious for most of you, but I am still a bit new using the terminal and some coding languages.

My laptop is a Macbook pro (2015) with OSx Mojave 10.14.4.

Thank you for your time.

Yes. When you deleted the standalone, it went away entirely (although it might have left some preference files lying around). The source code version you installed into your Anaconda Python was unaffected.

This means, for example, that you can keep up-to-date with the latest developer release of PsychoPy, while keeping a stable standalone version around for running actual experiments, and not run in to conflicts.

  • Launch Python. (i.e. go to the terminal and type python or ipython, which hopefully have been configured to be your Anaconda Python and not the system Python).
  • run the following code:
import psychopy                                                                                                        

No, you could hunt around and find the file and run that. In Python (again after import psychopy, the following will tell you where the PsychoPy files are located:


That depends a little on how you got them installed in the first place. If via pip, then you could try pip uninstall from the Terminal (i.e. not from within Python):

Very useful answer. Thank you very much.