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How to inactivate online experiment in pavlovia

I have finished an online experiment and I do not want any more participant, so I want to inactive my experiment. Does anyone know how to do it ? the “active” button does not work

Yes, sorry, that isn’t working yet but it’s on the list of issues to implement hopefully very soon.

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I have a question regarding this issue.

I’ve just been practicing making manual changes to the javascript files in the html folder. I wanted to add several fields for gathering participant information at the beginning of the experiment. I added the additional fields below:

expInfo = {‘participant’: ‘’, ‘native language’: ‘’, ‘age’: ‘’, ‘session’: ‘001’};

I was then able to commit these file changes to gitlab. However, when I run my experiment and inspect the window, the source file does not show these changes.

Is there currently a way to update the experiment on pavlovia without deactivating it?