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Am I correct to say that once you publish (i.e. running status) an exp you cannot make any changes to the exp even if you change its status to inactive or pilot?


Hello Yiannis

no, you can still change the experiment-code. Why do you think that it is not possible?

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens and thanks for the reply.

The reason I am asking is:

  1. made some changes and pushed them to pavlovia. These changes were copied/pasted from a known working file so they are now identical.
  2. the .js script within the resources directory (on gitlab) now shows the changes
  3. when I run the exp it still behaves as per previous version i.e. before my modifications.
  4. I compared side-by-side the .js files of the known working exp and the current modified one and they are identical
  5. I cleared cache from my browsers, changed the status of my exp, used another computer and browsers, waited for a couple of days and I still get the previous version.
  6. I tried to do the same with another exp and behaved the same. And since i need to update 12 more exps i was wondering if I am doing something wrong or if this is an intended functionality by Pavlovia


I routinely make changes to running experiments and test them immediately by using Ctrl Shift R to hard refresh

Thanks @wakecarter for your response.

To my surprise, when I removed the project from Pavlovia and Gitlab and re-uploaded it, it still behaved unexpectedly i.e. running without the changes I added (as always cache cleared, tried in different browsers and computers, removed all local files).

It was only when I removed, renamed the project and re-uploaded it again that it run as expected - meaning that nothing was wrong with the coding elements of the project.

I do not yet know what went wrong.