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Can't find how to activate my experiment on pavlovia (or switch to pilot mode)

Hey, I am new here and unfortunately I am not able to find instructions on how to activate my experiment online.
I have created an experiment using Psychopy builder that works perfectly well on my computer. Then I exported the HTML file and synced the folder to pavlovia.
I searched online for guidelines that referred me to the “explore” page on pavlovia website. Nevertheless, I found no possibility to activate my experiment or to switch to pilot mode in order to test my experiment.
When I click “run the study online” in the psychopy program, it opens up a website with an error note (please find attached).
Please help me!
Thanks in advance,

You can do this from the Pavlovia site itself. Once logged in, go to your dashboard, click the “Experiments” tab, and select the experiment you want to make active or start piloting. On that experiment’s page itself, you can change the status as you desire (inactive/piloting/running).


Hey, thanks but I can’t find, in the experiment’s page itself, where you can change the status :disappointed_relieved:

This seems like too obvious an answer, so I’m guessing you’re seeing something different on your experiment page… (note that you get to such a page by clicking on the name of the experiment in the Experiments tab.)

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