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How to custom a file name at online experiment

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Description of the problem:
In the local psychopy experiment, I can custom the saving filename in settings. But in the online experiment setting can’t change the saving filename. Every data saved with same first string ‘PARTICIPANT’, the only one difference is the date. I want add the participant ID at the first string in the file name. Any help would be very appreciate!

I have made some change in local experiment settings, but it seems can not change the online data filename setting.

This is a duplicate of How to change the name of the data file when running online experiment

For the first, part I think you’ve changed the field from ‘participant’ to ‘Participant’ and the field names are case sensitive. Changing it back to ‘participant’ will add the participant ID back into the filename.

Thank you very much! It works!

Another question is that I changed the second string to ‘group’ instead of the default string ‘session’ in the data filename as following picture. But the ‘group’ string can not replace the original string. Is there any solution?

No, as I say, the custom filename is not currently set to work for online studies. It’s currently hard-coded to use participant and nothing else

OK. I’m looking for future updating could support custom filename. Thank you very much!

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