Setting experiment names in online experiment

URL of experiment: breakAndReportV2 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I want to have a specific naming scheme for the file names of the data files (basically I changed the participant field to “full name” and added a field called “before or after use”)
I filled the “Data filename” field in the local Psychopy builder with the following code: ‘data/%s_%s_%s_%s’ % (expInfo[‘Full_name’], expName, expInfo[‘date’], expInfo[‘Before_or_after_use’])

This works fine in the local version, but not in the online version, where the filename just says PARTICIPANT (in caps) and then the expname and then the datetime.
All of the variables from expInfo exist and appear inside the data file tself but I need them appended to the filename

Any ideas why this is happening?


I’d guess it’s a problem transpiling that string to JS - the transpiler most likely encountered a problem and reverted to a fallback which it knows is safe. I do remember coming across a few issues with transpiling strings while working on the latest release, so if you update to 2022.2.0 and try doing :compile_js: compile JS again then save and sync, it may well be fixed. As with any release ending with .0 though, approach with caution as it’s hot off the presses!

Should this now work? Previously the custom data file name option only worked offline.

Online, it’s therefore important to use the expInfo variable participant unchanged.