Set output file names in online experiments

Description of the problem:
We work with Hungarian participants from whom we collect starting data (e.g., participant number) on their native language (that is, in the starting window, “Azonosító” is written instead of “Participant”, and this is the variable in which IDs are saved). In English, if IDs are written to the field “Participant”, then the output file will automatically contain this ID. However, this does not work if we save IDs to a variable with a name different from “Participant”, and as a result, we get non-transparent output names omitting IDs which are very difficult to handle:
Is there a workaround to set which variables are included in output names in online experiments? We tried to set it, but it seemed to have an effect only on experiments run offline (on local computers).

Any help or idea is really appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you,

Interesting question! I’m not sure whether that’s possible, but I’ve got a worry though; the non-ASCII characters in Polish names might cause some issues in the filenames. So ya know. Meanwhile, I’ll ask around.

I got an answer. Sorry, with PsychoJS it’s not yet possible to use a different parameter than “participant” to set the filename.