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Change default fields

Hello, when doing an experiment on PsychoPy how can we change the fields to be filled in when we start the experiment? (view the photo)


simply edit the field names of the Experiment Setting info

Clicking the minus-sign deletes a field, clicking the ±sign adds a field. Notice that the field called participant is used to construct the result file-name. So, you have to edit the file-name pattern on the Data-tab.

Best wishes Jens

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I would strongly recommend not changing participant since the edit that @JensBoelte is suggesting doesn’t work online.

however, the modification was made on pavlovia.
on the other hand, sometimes the results of the experiment do not appear in my files when I press “download results”, do you have an explanation? (I nevertheless put the option "save icomplete results)


so does changing the field name and editing the file-name work on-line or not? From what you wrote I conclude that it did work.

Best wishes Jens

When you tried it were the CSV files all named PARTICIPANT or with your VPn?


I only tried in piloting. Yes, the result-file is called PARTICIPANT and not VPn or the value you entered in the VPn-field. However, VPn is saved to the result-file. So in case that two participants finish the experiment in the same exact moment, you probably loose a file.

Best wishes Jens
Sorry, I had to delete the link to the repository. I had to make some changes to the experiment and it did not sync properly.

I don’t think this would cause you to lose data but having useful CSV and log file names is why I recommend sticking with participant.

Hello wakecarter

it is certainly an advantage to have useful CSV and logfile-names. But the approach PsychoPy has chosen unfortunately does not consider non-English speaking participants. So, depending on your non-English sample you have to decide between useful CSV/logfile-names and a meaningful info-dialog.

I would prefer if PsychoPy offered more flexibility here.

Bets wishes Jens

Hopefully PsychoPy will sort custom file names eventually. In the meantime you could use one of my tools to generate a useful value for participant.

Hello @wakecarter ,

thanks for pointing to your really helpful tools and let’s hope that PsychoPy will allow for custom file names eventually.

Best wishes Jens