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How to assign credits to a project?

I have recently purchased some credits.
However, when I go to any project where I am a maintainer (but created by a collaborator of mine), I cannot assign any credit.

To be honest, we had anticipated the creators assigning credits, but we’ll change it so that anyone on the project can do so if they have credits in their account.


I am a grad student doing my PhD. It will be easier for billing purposes if my PI can buy the credits and assign it to me.

Hi Jon,

We are having the same problem in our lab. Only the creator can assign credit.

Did you have an idea of when you would change so that other people in the project (i.e. maintainers) can assign credits as well?

Thanks a lot!

We are also having this problem. We have tried both sharing a project as two maintainers and creating a two person group and uploading the project to the group as in this example. Even if we can both see the experiment in our dashboard, it seems only the original creator can assign credits. Any guidance on this would be really helpful.

Thank you for spending your time on this!

An interface for this within your dashboard is something @apitiot is still working on. We can do it manually or the owner of the credits can fork the study (to have their own copy) and run from there, then share that with the original host.

Sorry it isn’t more straightforwards yet

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Would it be possible for you to manually add credits to a project I am working on ?
I bought the credits and it worked for my last project. But, for my new project, it won’t let me assign any credits. Could you help with that ?? Thank you

That’s very strange. Tell us the user name and project name and we’ll look into it

Hi, I am a student researcher and my advisor shared some credits with me but they are not turning up on my ID.

Hi Jon, has this issue been attended to yet? We run into the same problem. My students created an experiment and I want to pay for the credits, but I cannot assign credits to the experiment.

Best wishes,


Hi Tina,

If you create your students’ experiments in your account and give them developer access unprotecting the master branch then you should be able to manage the credits.

Alternatively, you should be able to transfer the credits to the student’s account from your Pavlovia dashboard (if they’re on the same email domain).

Sorry, @apitiot we will be implementing the ability to load credits onto any project you have write-access to shortly

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Hi @jon, just found this post because my lab manager needs to purchase Pavlovia credits for me using the lab credit card. But, she hasn’t used Pavlovia before and would probably not be able to figure out how to fork a repo or give developer access all those kinds of things.

I was wondering is there a way for her to get into my account and pay for the credits with ease? Or what would you suggest in this situation?

Thank you!

Yes, on either your computer or hers, you would log on to Pavlovia (with your account) and go to the store to buy credits. The credits will be assigned to the logged-in user, irrespective of the name on the credit card

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Haha that’s easy! Thanks @jon

Hi @jon and @apitiot , is this feature implemented yet? I have a project in a group namespace that I put some credits onto initially from my account for piloting, and now my collaborator has credits in their account to load onto the project – but when they go to do so, it shows them the amount of credits available from my account, not theirs. (Specifically, I have 130 available in mine, they have 300 in theirs. The credit slider in their account shows 130 available.)

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, and I appreciate your help! (And thanks as always, especially for your hard work dealing with the server migration!)

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Hello everyone! I think we have found a solution to this in my lab.

We have a lab Pavlovia account that we use to purchase credits (to control use of the lab credit card) and then that account is added as a Maintainer to individual projects on lab member’s Pavlovia projects (created using separate accounts). We were also struggling to distribute credits from the lab account to projects created use lab member accounts. We discovered today that you can resolve this issue by going to the “credits” tab on the lab account > “assign credits to experiment” > type in the experiment ID (this was the key to the whole thing!) > select the number of credits to assign > click “assign credits”. This finally worked! We were having issues because we kept trying to type in the name of the experiment instead of the ID and it was giving us an error message every time.

I hope this helps others!

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Hello @jeffbye,

With my apologies for the delay in getting back to you (busy time all round!), the credit slider now correctly reflects the number of credits available to the signed-in designer, i.e. from your account rather than your collaborator’s.
Let me know if there are any further issues!
Best wishes,


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This worked great, thank you @apitiot!