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Pavlovia experiments owned by Gitlab group (not individual user)

My lab is trying to use Pavlovia to host our experiments created with builder to run on MTurk. I think we’ve got everything set up but have run into a final hurdle which is that the experiment’s git repository is owned by a group on gitlab, not an individual user. My RA created the experiment and can view it from her account, both in the gitlab interface and in the pavlovia dashboard. I can view it in the gitlab interface but NOT in the pavlovia dashboard. This wouldn’t be a problem (I’d just have her run it and download the data to our own server once it’s done), except that I need to purchase credits now to run the experiment, but since I can’t see the actual study from the pavlovia interface there’s no way that I can see to assign credits to the study.

So: is there any way for me to view and administer on pavlovia an experiment that’s owned by a group on gitlab that I’m a member of?

Also, if there’s a separate pavlovia support forum or channel that I should go through then please let me know. I didn’t see anything though (which doesn’t give me a great deal of confidence if I’m paying for services).

For now we don’t have a separate forum for Pavlovia, so this is the right place :slight_smile:

My guess is that the issue is around the permissions you have on the gorup in question. You might be a member of it but not with high enough priviledges? Most of the demos we’ve uploaded have been done just as you suggest and all the members of the demos group seem to be able to access them through the pavlovia dashboard.

Could you check the settings of the group members at
and let us know what you were set to in the group?

I’m glad to hear that this should work! I and the RA are both Owners in the group.

Hi @kleisnchmidt,

Have you solved this problem you were having back there?
I’m facing the same one and were wondering if you had some advice.

Best wishes,