How to access the data from API?

We’re running few online experiments, and currently getting the results from the Git folder.
That works nice, but less convenient for running data analysis scripts over the data.
We’ve noticed that the “database” option downloads the data through designated API requests.
However, we couldn’t track any formal documentation for this API.
Can you please guide us how to apply this API for retrieving the data in “database” mode?
A reference code (python/js) would be great, if applicable.
Thanks ahead,

you can use my R-Package to interact with the Pavlovia-Gitlab-Data-Directory directly.

See for more information.

The package relies on the Gitlab-API, so you need to use the CSV-File-Data-Option. I havent had time to finalize a new more versatile release of the package.

If you rely on python analysis tools, you could simply add the analysis folder to the Gitlab-Project and run a Git-Pull with Python. Having version control for your project analysis as a nice additional feature, as well.

(At least if your project does not rely on media file recordings which are not stored in the Gitlab-Rep)

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