Get timestamp when data was downloaded or accessed?

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to track the number of times and/or the date when the data from an online experiment were accessed or downloaded?


Hi There! is this referring to when the “download” button on the pavlovia project page was selected? or when data are accessed through gitlab (i.e. pressing “view code”) on the pavlovia project page


Hi @Becca , ideally both, but I would guess pressing the ‘download’ button on pavlovia also leaves a trace on gitlab as well?


Hi Adelina,

I think when you download the zipped results from the pavlovia page it should have a timestamp in the file name? e.g. “264464_2022-11-25_21h31.45” though I am not sure there is a way at the moment to ge a more thorough log I am afraid.