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We seem to have somehow lost all data and changes in our experiment/repository.
Activity shows all of the commits and actions, but clicking on the repo somehow showed an empty repository (I clicked “create empty repository” only to realize the local repo I had immediate access to behind a year). Before the last step, we no longer could even switch the state of the experiment (it gave an error).
Is there a way to have our repository restored and to the place where it was during the last major activity?
I am anxious here as in it’s current state, we’d have lost information in the repository (though it looks like we might be able to recover data from the experiment download option, which makes this all even more confusing)

Is your experiment set to save data in CSV or database format. Database data can only be downloaded via the download button.

Previous commits can be restored in Gitlab if you’ve accidentally deleted files (for example by syncing from a local folder where you’ve deleted them)

It’s CSV, but this isn’t really just with the experiment. Some time within the last two months or so, the repository on gitlab disappeared. We can download data via the download button from what I can see, but the repository itself now seems to have missing data.
If you go to activities (gitlab), you can see activity as recent as 2 months ago (test data pushed in the usual commit), but the repo itself was completely gone (as in empty as if it didn’t exist). The version of the repo up there now is missing data & code updates from the past ~1.3 years.
The only thing I can think of is that the profile/namespace under the account changed at one point and a gitlab server update of some kind messed things up? The experiment itself still has the original namespace (BACSLab), but the gitlab profile is under a different name THiCCLab now. Thus, the project under the gitlab has the commit activity, but is missing all the actual data/code represented in those commits.
As I said, though, the experiment itself still has the data from the past few months, so perhaps it’s some weird namespace thing going on now?

Dear @cld5070 ,

GitLab informs me that ‘BACSBucknell/human-ai-pig-chase-production’ was moved to ‘THiCCLab/human-ai-pig-chase-production’. Does that ring a bell?
I can confirm that THiCCLab/human-ai-pig-chase-production is on the system, complete with all the data.
I can of course assist you in bringing it back to BACSBucknell, should you wish to.
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Thank you for the additional response and checking that out.
Yes, I can see it on the system, but unfortunately, there is data/code missing (or at least that I can’t access) from the git repo.
A way to look at the issue I’m referencing:
Navigate to Activity and try to access any of the commits from the last year or so (e.g., c6342b96) by clicking on the link. If you are seeing what I’m seeing, those commit links will lead to a 404 error. That is, recent commits are not accessible on the system in a way I can find and my currently accessible local repos don’t have any of the new commits.

Thanks again

Thank you for the clarification.
The issue was indeed linked to the server migration. I’ve sorted this out and I believe that all recent commits are now in place.
With my apologies for the glitch!
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I forgot to respond to this, but thank you very much for the help and patience here. It’s very much appreciated!


You are very welcome!