How long does it take? : synchorinizing & loading with many audio files

I have two questions.

  1. I’m trying to synchronize my experiment to pavlovia with 200 wav files (2 mb for each).

before including these bunch of files, it is well synchronize within a couple of minutes.
But after including them, it seems take forever to commit it.

Is this common to take more than an hour to sync with these amount of files?

  1. After synchronizing them,
    I think, it will also take a long time to load all files before experiment.

Actually, for each participant, only random 20 wav files are needed out of 200.

Can I reduce the loading time by selectively loading only needed wav files for each participant?
(I found some topic. Will this work? : Taking too long to upload 2000 video files to Pavlovia )

Thanks a lot!


More information on how to load individual files during static periods or other routines such as an instruction routine can be found here.

Best wishes Jens

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