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Syncing large files to Pavlovia

I’m trying to sync an experiment to Pavlovia that draws on a bank of ~3GB of wav files. When I try to sync it for the first time, the Psychopy builder freezes. I imagine this has to do with trying to upload all those wav files to Pavlovia. But now when I try to sync an earlier experiment, it also freezes. I tried removing the wav files from the “resources” folder, but no use. How can I get this to stop? Do I have to upload these files straight from my computer with git? And is there a limit to how many bytes of files I can include with an experiment on Pavlovia?

I think I may have solved this using git commands. Tried to delete the post but it’s not working.

I’m not sure what the issue was here but, possibly, it was to do with limits on the different methods of git communications. Git can talk to a server using HTTPS protocol or via SSH. PsychoPy uses the HTTPS option by default but it’s possible that there’s a file size limit on that. I imagine using the terminal with git commands you ended up with SSH protocol which removed the limit.

As a slight warning though, 3Gb of wav files is a lot of audio data! Your participants will have to wait quite a while to start the experiment each time. I’d recommend switching to a compressed format if possible (mp3 is best for online studies, although it doesn’t run on PsychoPy in the desktop) and trying things like switching to mono mode to reduce the file size by half

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