"pushing to Pavlovia for the first time" and Psychopy becomes unresponsive

So this is my very first time uploading to Pavlovia. When I opt to sync my experiment, I get the message ‘pushing to Pavlovia for the first time’ and it doesn’t let me use the application and it is suggested that I force quit the application. I am using version 2023.2.3 on a Mac.

I am wondering how long does a typical experiment take to upload? If maybe I should give it more time?
There are previous responses to this question, but from years ago that say I should try to use an older version, but these are from 2020 and not sure if that would still be useful.
I only used the builder for this experiment so there is no additional coding involved.

I do have about 200 .jpeg photos and 2 .mp4 videos which total about 400 MB of space. Is this too much for an upload?

Let me know anything else I should try.

It can take a little while. What I’d recommend you do it try syncing for the first time with only a few photos and then add the rest of the photos and videos once you’re confident that the sync itself is working.