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Slow loading on Pavlovia

Hi everyone,

My experiment is about 80 MB in total. It contains 2000 files, including 1000 .csv files (7 KB each) and 1000 audio files (68 KB each)
However, it always took quite a while (more than 2 mins, under internet speed ~150 MB/s) to complete the “all resources downloaded”.

May I ask why it is so slow?

The experiment can be properly run, so the .js code was fine (not the “initialising” kind of problem).

Would it because that a previous version of this experiment was ~380 MB?
But I am sure that those old big files were removed from the folder (including the “html” subfolder).
However, I found that the hidden .git folder was quite big (> 200 MB), would that be the reason of slow loading?

Sorry that this experiment is still in the Pilot phase, so I am unable to share the URL with everyone…

Thank you very much in advance!