Taking too long to upload 2000 video files to Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

In my experiment, I use video files. I have almost 2000 video files that I present to participants in random order. I tried uploading the experiment files to pavlovia via builder view, but it is already been two hours and no files are uploaded. Is there another way to upload this big amount of files to pavlovia?


Do all of your participants need to see all 2000 videos?

No, only part of the videos, however, I can’t think of a fast way to choose the relevant videos, out of 2000 videos

I’d recommend that you work out a way to know which videos you will need and then download them while the participants are reading the instructions using something like my example from my code snippets page.

{ name: (expInfo["participant"] + "s.jpg"), path: ("/faces/" + expInfo["participant"] + "s.jpg") },
{ name: (expInfo["participant"] + ".jpg"), path: ("/faces/" + expInfo["participant"] + ".jpg") }

Thanks alot!

Please be aware that your experiment will crash if it tries to display a video that hasn’t finished downloading yet.

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