How do I pilot test the URL for my study while still in Pilot mode?

I hope this is the correct category for questions about using the site.

I have a study that is piloted and working as far as my computer goes. How do I test out the url on multiple other computers and browsers to be sure it will work for everyone online? The only way I can even see a url is to put the study into Run mode.

If I try the url in Run mode the error message says no credits. If I try the url in Pilot mode the error message says no pilot token. I would prefer not to use up credits doing legitimate piloting of the url.

  1. Turn off “Save incomplete results”

  2. Add a final routine with a text component that never ends

  3. Add a handful of credits

Credits get reserved when you launch but are released after a period (maybe 24 hours) so you get them back. If the experiment doesn’t end then no data is saved and no credit is consumed.

Check data saving separately using the pilot link without that blocker routine.

thank you again, that’s three times today : )