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I’m curious to know how I’ll see the presentation of my experiment, you know, pilot may only help me to check for code problem. I would also like to know more details about the presentation of the stimuli in this experimental run. But I can’t run my experiment online for free even if I’m the main test subject, right?

Another question is that are there any limitations to the online experiment? If I want to collect different experimental tasks in a single experiment, will there be problems running?

Finally, I’d like to ask a question about how to get an invoice.

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Hello! You can “run” the experiment for free by loading at least one credit. Then, set the experiment settings “Incomplete Results” to off/greyed out. Then make sure on the final screen of the experiment, you press “escape” to leave the experiment rather than ending the routine, which would save your data and charge a credit. If you escape instead, the data will not be saved, and you will not be charged a credit. See “common problems” about pilot token expiration here (PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet - Google Docs).

On the other hand, if you run the expeirment in Pilot mode, once you quit the experiment it will try to download a csv of performance which will give you onsets of stimuli presentation and other relevant events as you specify. So piloting might indeed be what you want for your purposes.

I don’t think I have any experience about the latter two questions.


Many thanks!!!I think I got the answers Iwanted!Thanks again for your help~



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