Help please ! How do I get to see participants' data during PILOTING from pavlovia?

Hello everyone,

I have done my first experiment and everything has been going smoothly and I created my project in pavlovia and it worked fine during the piloting.
The problem is now that if I want to send the URL to my participants I can’t see their data as an excel sheet unless they send me the file that has been saved in their devices. Is this the only way that I could get to see their data?
I read that I will need credits to run my experiment online, but does anyone know how that works? I am doing a pilot study and I only need 20 participants for now.

Thanks ! Any help would be much appreciated !

From what I know, you have to make your study in RUN mode and after that, every time the link is used, you will use a credit. On pavlovia you will have all the excel files available when its on RUN mode so that way, the participant will not get the excel file (like how it is for pilot mode)

As 4r5h14 noted, the “pilot” mode is really for you to try the test, not your pilot group. Your pilot group, for the purpose of this question, needs to be treated the same as your main study participants i.e. you need to pay for pilot group data hosting. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve been looking everywhere to find how to purchase credits? How much does each credit cost and where to find it please. Looked everywhere in the dashboard.


you find the relevant information here.

Best Jens