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Issues with Downloading Data from Pavlovia

URL of the experiment: Still in pilot phase, so I cannot provide a stable URL.

Description of problem:

I have two issues.

  1. When I go to download the data from the Pavlovia page of my experiment, all I get is a zip file with the first trial’s csv. I have completed 4 trials and can see that I have completed them in the “Piloting” tab. Why am I only allowed to download the first trial?

  2. After the conclusion of each experiment, the data from that trial is automatically downloaded to my machine (in .csv format and independent from previous trials). I am using the machine that the experiment was built on if that means anything. Will this happen to participants when they click on the link as well? I do not want them to have a random csv file downloaded to their computer every time they finish the study. If so, how can I change this?

Getting a file to download is something that happens in Pilot mode. When you’re running then the data saving is, of course, automatic.

Hi, sorry for being late to the party.
So, in pilot mode, only the data from the first trials loop is saved?
I have just made my study online and everything works fine, but when the data is saved, only the responses from the first loop are saved. Is it just so I won’t be able to use piloting mode for actual data collection?

No, that aspect isn’t deliberate. I believe data should be saving from all loops, just not in the automated fashion back to the project. I wonder if there’s some sort of bug in the experiemnt corrupting the later data