Gitlab repository no longer properly connected with active and working task

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: The task is still running seemingly correctly online. However, the output data is no longer appearing in the Gitlab repository. The data is still accessible using the non-Gitlab task page on, but no data since 3/21/21 is appearing the Gitlab area.

Not sure how to address this possible break in the connection between the Gitlab master files and the running of the task, and also unsure of what other issues this could cause. I was thinking that the shuffling around of the servers in relation to the fire last month might have created some sort of break in the chain.

Any and all help would be appreciated.


Did you switch it from CSV to Database on your experiment page? If so, all of your recent data will be in a downloadable file.

No, settings are set for CSV output, which has always been the case. I can still download the CSV’s from the pavlovia page, but they just aren’t showing up anywhere on Gitlab. And I’m worried there may be other hidden problems that haven’t occurred yet if the Gitlab isn’t really the “master” anymore.