Data not saving through Gitlab

URL of experiment: Image uncertainty task

(on Pavlovia link: Pavlovia)

Description of the problem:

We (at the University of Cambridge CBL MLG) are running our experiment on Prolific and it appears all of our past 11 participants’ data did not save through Gitlab. E.g., when we pull, we are not getting any new data files like before. We encountered no issues with our prior 76 recruited Prolific workers.

However, when we download directly from Pavlovia (not using Gitlab pull), the data appears to be there. Is there a reason why there may be a disconnected between the Gitlab project and Pavlovia in our case?

On the Pavlovia experiment page, it says our last data collection was 17:35pm; however, on Prolific our last collection was 18:34.

Thank you for any help fixing this disconnect and saving issue.