Pavlovia and GitLab Not Working

For the past two weeks I have had problems uploading changes to a previously functional project, being unable to push any changes to the project. All attempts would fail with messages about the project not existing on Pavlovia.

Now today I was in the process of downloading results from projects that have been running for the past year and am no longer able to download any results from any project.

I suspect that there is a serious problem occurring with Pavlovia.

Attached are several screen shots of the different error messages and the console output after a failed attempt to download results.

Any help or news about the situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Connection Error Apr 24 - 2023

Download Error Apr 24 - 2023
Fetching Error Apr 24, 2023

This may be the result of server lag due to an increasing amount of spam hitting Gitlab. @apitiot is dealing with it, but it requires some creative solutions. Hopefully any such error is transitory. We experienced one during our planning meeting yesterday.

Dear @Anthony_Risuq ,

We have had to deal with a sudden and rather dramatic burst of naughtiness over the past 10 days. Our infrastructure has mostly withstood the abuse but, as you noticed, there have been periods of intense load that resulted in intermittent losses of service.
The worst is now behind us and we are back to nominal performance levels.
I am very sorry that this affected your workflow. I can assure you that no data has been lost and indeed I would encourage you to download your results again.
Best wishes,