Git commit error on using psychoJS.quit

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: In my experiment I prematurely stop the expt when the participant gets 10 trials wrong consecutively. This is done using psychoJs.quit. This seemed to work fine initially when the experiment was committed, but since yesterday I have been getting git add / git commit errors. Screen shots of such errors are as shown here:

I have tested the following : press ‘esc’ anytime during the expt, complete the entire expt, prematurely quit the expt if the headphone test fails. All of these work as expected.

However it is only when psychoJS.quit is called while a trial loop is running that the error messages are shown. Moreover the data is saved just fine so I do not understand what these messages imply.

The code has been made public. Any suggestions and comments are most welcome. Kindly help me figure this out.

This is the same problem as described by me and another user but nobody ever replied

@thomas_pronk or @apitiot it would really be helpful to hear your feedback!

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